Ilderton Foundation

education - fun - participation - empowerment


Ilderton Foundation is a social enterprise and registered charity, which creates and manages services for young people. Currently this includes 3 London-based motor projects in Lambeth, Southwark and Deptford; the start up of an industry organisation for motor projects in the UK, The National Association of Motor Projects (NAMP); and the Ilderton Safe Driving Academy, an innovative scheme which teaches young people to drive.

IF's work centres around young people and all kinds of motor vehicles – everything from cars to go-karts and motorbikes. Our aim is to interest disadvantaged young people in training and education to help them gain personal and educational skills from working with vehicles and our experienced trainers. We also aim to work towards reducing crime in the community, particularly car crime.

The Foundation doesn't only work with cars and bikes, but with anything that inspires young people. Recent projects have included theatre workshops that lead to a public performance. We also create outreach programmes for areas with specific needs and manage a summer programme of school holiday activities.

Our projects are funded by youth bodies, Government and European organisations who buy our services, and by charitable donations from foundations and individuals.