Ilderton Foundation

education - fun - participation - empowerment

Our Aims

Our work improves community safety by making a contribution to preventing and reducing crime. Research officers of the Inner London Probation Service concluded in a report (see link on this page) that offenders who attended Ilderton:

  • re-offended markedly less
  • were less likely to be sentenced to custody for re-offending
  • were especially less likely to commit taking and driving away offences.

Training and employment aims

  • To interest young people in achieving variety of experiences and qualifications
  • To provide accredited pre-vocational training programmes in car maintenance, motorbike and moped maintenance, personal development, numeracy and literacy skills
  • To provide support in the transition into further education and training
  • To provide support in career planning, job search, placements and interview techniques

Safety aims

  • To provide education on the principles of road safety, including understanding the legal aspects and requirements of car or motorbike ownership
  • To introduce young people to safe driving skills
  • To introduce young people to health and safety at work

Personal development aims

  • To promote awareness of the consequences of car crime and its effect on the community and individuals
  • To create initiatives that will challenge existing attitudes towards offending
  • To provide advice and counselling
  • To provide facilities for organised and constructive leisure activities, encouraging teamwork, self-esteem and motivation