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Motor Projects

The Ilderton Foundation currently runs three motor projects in south-east London, in Deptford, Southwark and Lambeth. These sites provide education, training and motivation for young people. Our administrative and head office is based in Deptford. Each site runs a slightly different and changing programme of activities from those listed below, so please contact head office, or individual centres direct for more details.

Schools programme

This programme, usually running for two days a week, is aimed at young people between the ages of 13-16, who are still in schools or similar institutions. It is a pre-vocational training programme in motor vehicle maintenance that offers accredited qualification through City & Guilds (City & Guilds 3992 foundation level course) and an introduction to health and safety at work. It is designed to complement the national curriculum and to enable young people to remain in mainstream education


  • Introduction to fan belt maintenance
  • Introduction to ignition systems
  • Introduction to braking systems
  • Introduction to cooling systems

Basic Motor Maintenance and Personal Development Course

This 13-week programme is aimed at young people between the ages of 13-25, who are young offenders, young people at risk, or those not in mainstream education or training. It is a prevocational training programme in motor maintenance and personal development and offers accredited qualifications through City & Guilds. The programme also provides an introduction to health and safety in a work related environment. It is designed to re-engage young people in learning and provide a recognised route into further education, training and employment.


  • Basic motor maintenance: Introduction to fan belt maintenance, ignition systems, braking systems and cooling systems
  • Personal development: communication skills, literacy and numeracy skills, life skills, and workshop activities around challenging behaviour
  • Basic computer graphics course
  • Leisure activities: access to safe driving skills in a controlled environment, through the use of adapted cars, karts and motorbikes

Motorbike programme

This 13-week programme aims to engage young people and develop a sense of responsibility in the areas of motorbike ownership and maintenance. Workshop-based practical skills and off-road riding skills are both accredited by City and Guilds.


  • General servicing of motorbike
  • Examination of air filter
  • Examination of spokes
  • Examination of brakes
  • Examination of clutch
  • Scrambling techniques

Reparation Training Programme

This one-day programme is aimed at young people between the ages of 13 - 16 years, whose court orders include an aspect of reparation to a victim or the community. The programme is designed to engage young people on a short 'taster' course to enable them to meet the conditions of their court orders.


  • Introduction to brain storming sessions
  • Introduction to basic design and environmental issues. This includes the collection of materials e.g. tyres, which can be recycled for the benefit of the local community
  • Introduction to painting, use of colour and tools
  • Introduction to basic construction skills

Intensive Surveillance Supervision Programme

This is a half-day a week course for those young people on an Intensive Surveillance Supervision Programme.


  • Motor maintenance
  • Numeracy and literacy skills
  • Communication skills IT

Flexible Evening Programmes

The evening programmes involve basic motor maintenance and the construction of motorised vehicles for races, and are aimed at young people between the ages of 13 - 25 years. The activities are customised around cars, karts, and motorbikes, according to the needs of young people and/or the requirement of the courts


  • Basic motor maintenance using cars, karts, and motorbikes
  • Team building activities
  • Construction of cars for organised racing actives
  • Health and safety training
  • Youth Forum meetings.

Excel Motor Project©

This course is designed to contribute to initiatives towards raising awareness on the impacts of motoring offences committed by young people. It will target young people who have committed, or at risk of committing the following motor-related offences: 

  • Taking without the owner’s consent, (TDA) especially when it is aggravated.
  • Vehicle vandalism.
  • Being banned and re-offending (totting up).
  • Driving/ riding whilst disqualified or with no insurance.
  • Driving when under the influence of excess alcohol, substance misuse or under the legal driving age.
Programme and benefits:
  • Better awareness of their own responsibility in relationship to the usage of motorised vehicles.
  • Understanding of responsibilities towards the community in relationship to Road Safety measures.
  • Tailored support to increase the capacity to break away from offending behaviour.
  • Opportunity to explore alternative options for personal development.

City and Guilds Accredited 3791 Profile of Achievement Award. 30 guided learning hours


The course is generally targeted at 13 to 19 years age group


Referrals will be taken from Youth Offending Teams 

*This project is potentially an alternative to a custodial situation

Refreshments Supplied!

(Flexible to meet young people’s needs)

Please call us if you have a general question, or contact the centre nearest to you for details of courses in your particular area